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Pay for Manpower only when needed

You hire professionals only when you need them and save unnecessary overhead expenditure. You can rest assured about the quality and accuracy of the work within the deadline.

What we do

CAD Drafting Services

Our team of talented engineers provide drafting services that allow you to fully customize your drawing to your exact specifications.

AEC BIM Services

We provide BIM services and support to enable design and construction firms to leverage the benefits of BIM for their Projects.

3D Rendering Services

We can blend both reality and technology to make even the most complex of visions come to life in front of your very eyes.

Tekla Services

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and we are able to develop almost any type of structural system.

Why You Should Outsource CAD

Hiring a dedicated CAD professional or a ready-made team of professionals will give that much needed boost to your business.

Operating a successful business includes recognizing the need to operate within a global economy; one in which smart business practices take advantage of goods and services from around the world to remain competitive and increase profit. Architectural and engineering firms and all supporting contractors and suppliers have come to realize the three cad outsourcing services advantages of India. Timely and efficient services start with the fact that India is in a different time zone, therefore, while there is some overlap in the working hours of these international services, some work is being done while the US workforce is not working. This can be to your advantage when quick deadlines arise. Also, the key to India’s success has been their highly productive and results-driven methods of producing engineering documentation and other time consuming tasks. The cost to do business with offshore companies is significantly less when you consider the wages of western employees with those of other countries. When you partner with an outsourced service provider from India, it gives your business time to grow itself and establish financial assets without investing in expensive IT hardware, software, and employees. Highly specialized staff trained in the latest sophisticated applications that will enable your business to compete with much larger firms. This is a winning situation as the best projects are requiring cutting edge solutions in 3D modeling, BIM and advanced visualization methods. The burden of finding the right employees already educated and experienced is removed, allowing your firm to drive forward with confidence in seeking new projects. The worries of outsourcing critical business is no longer an issue. Data is securely transferred and maintained, collaboration procedures have been established and simplified, and a 24/7 workforce is constantly available to ensure your company meets all client deadlines.

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We highly believe that it is the contribution of our unsurpassed quality services that elevate us to the path of success and make us a reckoned name in this industry.

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This looks great, everything is perfect. Send me the final amount I owe. I will pay you and send you 9 more buildings to model in revit.
Max Consultant
Excellent effort on the staircase detailing in Tekla well done – much appreciated.
Tom Director